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I was so worried about whether I’d be able to write a strong college essay. Abby helped me brainstorm topics and then worked with me on each draft until we were satisfied with the final product. I really feel that my essay helped me stand out from the other applicants. I know I couldn't have done it without Abby.
-- Geoff Silver, Upper Dublin, PA

Our Services

We encourage families to begin working with us when students are in 9th or 10th grade so we can evaluate their current academic profile, discuss long term goals, and make appropriate recommendations about course selections, extracurricular activities, SAT/ACT preparation, and summer plans. If you are a student athlete who aspires to play varsity sports in college, this is the best time to get information about NCAA rules and regulations, academic requirements, communications with college athletic departments, and how to get noticed by prospective college coaches.
By the fall of 11th grade, we will evaluate PSAT scores in relation to a student’s grades and curriculum and work together to prepare the most effective test taking schedule. We utilize several in-office assessments to get to know you better and to determine what college environment will best suit you. Regular meetings with students throughout 11th grade are designed to encourage open dialogue so that we can begin to construct a customized College List that will best reflect each student’s abilities, preferences, and goals.
Throughout 11th grade and into the fall of 12th grade, we help our students and parents plan for college visits. We communicate with you regularly to learn your impressions of each school and to make follow-up recommendations. Using The College Connection’s exclusive student resume format, we help you draft a resume that will highlight your strengths. A “mock interview” will prepare you for college interviews so you know what to expect when you meet an admissions officer face-to-face.
By the time you roll up your sleeves to tackle the college applications and essays, you will feel confident and secure in the knowledge that our hands-on guidance and expertise will give you the best opportunity for success.  We encourage our students to get a head start on their applications.  We will work closely with you during the summer before 12th grade so that by the time school begins, much of your work is complete. While no college consultant can “get” a student into college, our goal is to make certain that your applications, essays, and supplemental materials are the finest demonstration of your accomplishments.
Unlike many other college consulting services, we don’t disappear after your applications are filed! The College Connection will continue to offer advice as you hear from your schools. A “deferral” may mean additional work is required, and we are prepared to guide and support you. We also offer comprehensive advice regarding financial aid and scholarships.


The College Connection Fees

Hands-on, Informative, Individualized

As soon as you begin working with The College Connection, you will see that our approach is hands-on, informative, and individualized. We take pride in the focus and time commitment we guarantee to each student, and for this reason, we limit the number of new students we will add each year. Part of our commitment to you is our guarantee that we are available to meet your needs promptly and effectively.
At The College Connection, our students always come first.